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From Egypt to Zambia, Nigeria to Ghana, South Africa to Cameron, Africa is blessed with diverse culture that dates back to many centuries. Africa culture are replicated in Crafts, Textiles, Cuisines, Traditional Dance, Drama, Opera, Cinema, Film, Photography, Folklore, Oral Traditions, Literature, Traditional games and Indigenous architecture.

Many African cultures emphasize the importance of ancestors as intermediaries between the living, the gods, and the supreme creator, and art is seen as a way to contact these spirits of ancestors. Art may also be used to depict gods, and is valued for its functional purposes.

These are what our organization intends to promote and showcase in Canada and globally.

Africa cultural heritage that are unique and diverse shall be put in the front burner in our quest to unify our people with Canada and the world. Culture is known to be the cement that binds together not only hearts and souls, but entire societies and nations.

Today there is growing international interest in the potential of the cultural and creative industries to drive sustainable development and create inclusive job opportunities. We want to draw attention to the opportunities that abound in development of African cultural values. Cultural Times assesses the contribution of cultural and creative industries to economic growth. It estimates that they generate US$250 billion in revenue a year, creating 29.5 million jobs worldwide. The report helps demonstrate the value of arts and culture. It provides a good rationale for support of arts and culture.

Many African countries are increasingly beginning to focus on cultural and creative industries as potential contributors to economic growth and job creation. So, our organization wants to draw attention to the efforts of various African governments in the sector through the Global Black & African Festival of Art and Culture


Cultural diversity as catalyst for entrenching a healthy, vibrant and egalitarian society.


To promote Africa’s cultural assets; Festival through theatrical performance and production of ancient / historic documentaries as a catalyst for development of human race

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